In order to keep the competition fair and fun there are naturally rules to abide by.


  1. This event is open to any member of the Scout section being born after 21st April 2003.
  2. Teams entering the Junior event must comprise of three, four or five Scouts with or up to two accompanying adults.
  3. Teams entering the Senior event must comprise of three, four or five Scouts with or without one or two accompanying adults.
  4. Wrist bands and tracker bands MUST be worn at ALL times and shown when asked.
  5. Orange tracker bands will be issued when teams register and will be worn at all times during the event, and handed back at the finish.
  6. The kit list comprises a part of these rules.
  7. Team members wishing to retire should do so only at a checkpoint where the checkpoint manager will make the necessary arrangements.
  8. Should one member of the team wish to retire, the remaining walkers may continue as long as at least three Scouts are still walking. If not, those wishing to continue must join up with other walkers. Any incomplete team will not qualify for a trophy; the complete team that started must finish together to qualify for a trophy. Only finishing teams that consist of the same walkers that started will get a finishing time and place. Incomplete teams will get a finishing time but not a placing.
  9. Checkpoints must be reached in the order given. It is the teams responsibility to obtain a signature on the teams route card from the checkpoint manager. All team members must keep together at all times. The time of the last team member is the one that will be recorded.
  10. Time spent at each checkpoint will be included in the official finishing time, unless it is a training checkpoint.
  11. Teams using any external support or assistance by whatever means may be disqualified.
  12. This is an event for young people of Scout age. Young Leaders cannot participate in the event.
  13. All adults accompanying a team must be current members of The Scout Association and have a valid DBS certificate. They must supply their membership number when teams are registered. Any adult walking with a team is honour bound not to take the lead. This role is purely to ensure the safety of the young people.
  14. DO NOT cross or walk along any "A" class roads except in an emergency, or where instructed to do so.
  15. When walking across country, obey the Country Code and have respect for people's property. Teams will be subject to disqualification if they are found to have dropped litter.
  16. All members of the team including all accompanying adults are required to wear hi-vis jackets (with or without sleeves) as the outer most layer of clothing and be visible from the rear at all times.
  17. Teams MUST phone the emergency number if they do not reach the next checkpoint after two hours walking from the previous checkpoint.
  18. The organisers and officials have the right to stop the event and/or walkers from continuing at their discretion. A walker will be withdrawn from the event and not be allowed to continue if in the opinion of an event official they are deemed unfit to continue or making unsatisfactory progress.
  19. No team or participant can be withdrawn during the event without permission from Central Control or event official.
  20. The decision of the organising committee is final and they will adjust the rules and route if they consider necessary. They cannot be held personally responsible for any mishap or injury, however caused, during the event.




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