You do not need to carry food other than the compulsory emergency rations and maybe a few chocolate or energy sweets because snacks (biscuits etc) are provided at all checkpoints except the first and hot food is normally provided at lunch and evening checkpoints. Water and/or squash are provided at all checkpoints. Hot drinks are provided at all checkpoints except the first.

Frequently Asked Question

Welcome to our FAQ page which we'll update as more questions are asked! We have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions relating to the Southern 50 Challenge below . . . visit our contact page to if there's something else you need to know.


You can enter with whatever team name you wish. However two things to bear in mind


If you win a trophy would you rather have your Group or District name on it for posterity or something less meaningful like "Four Chaps in yellow coats" it's up to you.

If the name is inappropriate we will censor it and we will check names for inappropriate foreign translations as well.


We do not ban the use of GPS. But why would you feel the need for one? Hopefully you have entered the event to test your navigation skills and endurance against nature. If you use additional aids you are only really cheating yourself.


We don't believe that a GPS will make a lot of difference to a good team, they may help a hopelessly lost team, but you've still got to be able to transfer the GPS data to the map to find out which way you need to go!


“two mobile phones which must be fully charged at the start of the event and must be switched on throughout the event. The mobile phone number must be given to the member of staff at registration.

The carrying of mobile phones as it helps us to call you if you are overdue at a checkpoint and find you if you are lost or in need of help.


We discourage outside assistance via mobiles from teams' supporters.


You need to give us your mobile number either on the entry form or at Check-in when you arrive.


Please don't give us your mum's or partner's number as they may get very worried if we wake them up at 2am when we give your team a call to find out if you are lost and where you are!


Teams must have at least THREE members. If a participant has to retire from the event meaning that the team is left with just two members, these two must join up with another team to form a 'scratch team' for safety reasons, who may finish but will not qualify for a trophy. A team that finishes having fewer members that it started with shall not qualify for a trophy or receive an official placing.


There is no excuse for dropping litter.


You have pockets so please hang onto your rubbish until you pass someone's bin or give it to the staff at the next checkpoint. Please keep the countryside tidy, you are representing Scouting. The locals know this is a Scout event.


Litter gives us all bad publicity.


Boots: in the past we used to be very prescriptive and specified leather walking boots. Technology has changed and has introduced lighter materials. Please use common sense, the boots must be waterproof and designed for walking.


We do a kit check at the start and we will disqualify you if they are no good. NO Trainers, "designer" shoes or boots and avoid steel toecapped boots or you'll get big blisters.


Spend some time brushing up on your mapping skills, check out:




Go for a practice walk, make sure all the team can map read properly and set a compass!




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